Buderus G115WS Residential Oil Boiler

Buderus G115WS Residential Oil Boiler

The Buderus G115WS is a residential oil-fired boiler designed for high output and efficiency. It delivers more heat for every dollar you spend on fuel, whether installing it in a new home or replacing an existing unit.

Designed in Europe, where fuel efficiency and environmental regulations have spurred intense research and development efforts for many years, the G115WS features the latest residential boiler technologies. It is not only Energy Star rated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it is smaller than most comparable boilers, easier to install, easier to clean, and longer-lasting.

The G115WS’s heating efficiency is enhanced using a unique “three-pass” internal design. In plain English, this means that the boiler’s cast iron water chamber gets heated more or less directly by the ignited fuel’s flames and the heated gases produced by that burning process. Most other boilers waste the heat from those gases, sending it up the chimney and out into the atmosphere.
The Buderus requires significantly less maintenance than most boilers. It’s made without a heat-consuming refractory or target wall, for example, and the patented cast iron it’s made from, GL-180M, is more flexible than most and thus less vulnerable to thermal shock as the boiler comes on and temperatures change abruptly.

The boiler’s construction is unique, too. Its sections are joined together and sealed by so-called push nipples made of profiled, beveled steel, a technique that ensures a long, leak-free life. Meanwhile, using special compounds to seal the boiler’s outlets makes it gas-tight for safe and efficient operation.

There’s more. The entire boiler, including its bottom surface, is encased in 3 inches of thermal insulation. This adds greatly to the unit’s efficiency and helps stabilize its temperature between on and off cycles, thus further enhancing the unit’s durability and productive life.

If there’s one word that describes the G115WS, it’s flexibility. For instance, it’s suitable for every residential heating method, including baseboard, panel radiators, hydro-air, or radiant flooring. It can also replace existing boilers that are oil- or gas-fired.

Most boilers heat and circulate water at 180 degrees, regardless of the outdoor temperature. The Buderus Logamatic control adjusts the internal water temperature of the boiler depending on the outdoor temperature. This significantly reduces fuel consumption and maintains room temperatures at a steady level without the discomforting up-and-down swings that other boilers often produce.

The Buderus boiler can be vented into a chimney or directly through a nearby wall—both options are ETL approved, making it easy to install.

The Buderus G115WS comes in three sizes, rated at a maximum gross output of 85,000, 109,000, or 136,000 BTUs per hour.

Buderus: The old, long-trusted name in new, extra-efficient boilers.

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