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There is a great deal to think about when considering a bathroom remodeling project. Also, there is a great deal a bathroom remodeling can do to enhance the appearance and comfort of your home and this will also relate strongly to the value of your home.

Conversely, it will be difficult to maintain a nice appearance of an out-dated or worn-out bathroom and this could have a negative impact on the value of your home. The remodeling of a bathroom can be a very good idea.

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Here is a short checklist of the items that you should consider when planning a bathroom remodeling project:

  • Bath Tubs
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Towel Warmers
  • Showers
  • Vanities
  • Accessories
  • Lighting Fixtures

Bath Tubs

Today there is a wide range to choose from when selecting a new bath tub.

Do you want a one or two-person tub? Consider that a two-person tub is larger and space must be available and also note that a larger tub take a great deal more water.

There are new tub available with chromatherapy which allows you to be immersed in a warm ultra-deep bath and then with the touch of a button to enhance the bathing environment to include dramatic or soothing color.

There is a wide array of whirlpools tubs available. You need to make sure that a whirlpool tub has adequate depth for comfortable bathing and be sure that you work with an electrical contractor that provides wiring per state code and the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Whirlpool tub can have either air jets or water jets. There are differences between them here are some factors to consider.

Air Jets:

  • Designs can result in a gentler blast through many more openings.
  • More generalized sensations are possible.
  • In general there is a wider range of pulsation from the jets.
  • Air-jet motors are typically less noisy.

Water Jets:

  • You can add bath oils, bubble bath of therapeutic additives.
  • Stronger blast through fewer larger openings is the norm.
  • Stronger sensations are possible.
  • Hair or small objects may get caught or sucked into openings.

A distinctive look can be realized with a tile work around a tub. A tiled tub can offer a sense of elegance and a standard tub may lack.

For homes of a certain vintage, such as a Victorian for example, a claw foot tub may be ideal. The soft curve of a claw foot style tub may be perfect for a remodeling project for an older home. In particular, if you have a wood floor in your bathroom then a claw foot tub may be perfect.

Bathroom Sinks

There has been an explosion in the types of sinks now available.

We will name the types that we now work with but we encourage you to conduct some research or talk with us. Here are some categories:

  • Custom Sinks
  • Gemstone Sinks
  • Stone Sinks
  • Glass Sinks
  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Hi-Tech Sinks
  • Copper Sinks
  • Hand Blown Glass Sinks
  • Bessel Sinks (countertop)
  • Faucets

Like sinks there is a very wide assortment or faucets. You need to be careful to match the faucet with the sink and the general décor of the remodeled bathroom.

Here are some versions to consider:

  • Single-Hole & Single-Lever Faucets
  • Widespread Faucets
  • Center-set Faucets
  • Wall Mounted Faucets

Towel Warmers

Start your day the right way – image reaching out of your warm steamy shower and touching a warm towel before stepping out into the relatively cool bathroom – this is the right way to start the day!

There are towel warmers for the remodeling project on a tight budget to luxury towel warmers. There are plug in electric or hard-wired and version that circulate water or oil. They are come in a variety of sizes so there is a great deal to consider.

Towel warmers are safe and are energy efficient. They not only warn the towel but then help to dry them after use. Because of these advantages many people planning to remodel their bathroom consider installing towel warmers.


Showers can be simple with a single spray head fixture to multi-jet with steam. In fact steam showers are becoming much more popular as there are health benefits in addition to the cleansing and time benefits.

Steam showers can relieve muscle tension, joint fatigue and reduce stress. Consider that stream is one of the oldest healing remedies in the world and you may want to consider a steam shower for your new bathroom.
A steam shower is often a more versatile option than a conventional shower.


Installing new vanities is a great way to give your bathroom a brand-new look. The term “Bathroom Vanities” encompasses bath furniture, bathroom faucets, basins, grab rails, or mirrors.

A vanity is an important part of any bathroom remodeling design. It must blend with the rest of the bathroom, be functional and stand up to everyday wear.


With the right touch in bathroom accessories you can turn and ordinary bathroom into a showplace. The selection of new door handles or draw knobs and towel bars can add a new looks or special elegance. Have fun with the selection of these items and be creative.

One special tip is to be sure to match the faucet to the cabinet hardware. This will give your new bathroom a more finished and complete look.

Bathroom Lighting

Finally, lighting in your bathroom plays a big role in how you look and how functional your bathroom will be as you put on make-up or do things associated with the vanity.

Ottauquechee Plumbing & Heating does not do lighting or electrical work. We realize that lighting is an important part of any bathroom remodeling project.

Here are some tips.

Do not depend solely on recessed lighting as these types of lighting fixtures will often result in shadows. Recessed lighting can be used for the general light in the bathroom but consider using a soft focus or diffused lighting fixtures around the vanity.

Ideally the light fixtures for the vanity should be located at eye level on either side of the mirror. There are many types of bathroom lighting fixtures that will fit with any décor. Select fixtures that will provide good general lighting and that will reduce or eliminate shadows around the bathroom mirror vanity.