Well Water Systems

Ottauquechee Plumbing & Heating does not get involved in locating or drilling your well. Once the well is in place, we will install the equipment piping to extract the water from it.

A well is an essential consideration for any home. Please use this information as a guide and contact Ottauquechee Plumbing & Heating if you have any questions or if you now have a well and want to set up the pump and piping.

Ottauquechee Plumbing & Heating can also set up any necessary filtration and/or water softener system. We can also set up the home pressure system, an essential part of the well-water system.

Well Water Systems

Well Water Guidelines

A house is worth little without an adequate supply of good-quality water, which may be found where you had hoped to build the front steps! So, it is essential to understand where to locate the well.

First, check if your local government requires a well drilling permit before drilling. You should also talk with your contractor about legal requirements to ensure that the proper permits, if any, are obtained.

When drilling a well, you explore the quantity and quality of water available. Dry holes are uncommon, but low-yielding wells can be an issue and are more common. Some causes of low yield include a low natural or seasonal water table, interference with other wells (for example, in a subdivision), and geologic conditions.

If problems arise, the solution cost will be less if you have only constructed the well. If you have set up other aspects of the home or property before determining the effectiveness of the well, then the cost may be higher. Also, if a second well must be drilled, there is more likely sufficient space on the property if the house is not already there.

If you are considering purchasing a property in an area where your licensed and certified driller questions adequate water supply, then an option on the property is better, with permission to have a well constructed first.

The type of material beneath the ground surface in your area can tell you how successful you may be in obtaining a suitable water supply from a well. Your local drilling contractor will have experience in the area and should be able to tell you what to expect. Also, you may want to check with your neighbors in the area, as they should be able to tell you about quantity and quality.