Heated Driveways and Walkways

Heated Driveways and Walkways – Avoid a trip or fall and eliminate chemicals.

Using the same basic technology as used for radiant floor heating in the home, many new buildings are taking advantage of outdoor radiant heat for walkways and driveways. A heated driveway or walkway system makes sense for cold climates – it’s a great alternative to using salts and chemicals as these substances can harm the environment.

Also, a heated driveway or walkway can reduce the risk of a slip or fall on an icy or snowy surface. The system works day or night so whenever it is cold or snowy your driveway or walkway will remain ice and snow-free.

Outdoor radiant heat can also be a great advantage for professionals such as doctors, who may need to get out quickly in an emergency, and don’t have the time to shovel out the driveway. Long driveways which are hard to clear can benefit by radiant heat you will not have to take the time or have to wait for plowing. In an emergency after a snowstorm a heated driveway will be free of snow and provide an easy exit.

Key Benefits:

  • Avoids the Use of Salt or Chemicals
  • Reduces the Risk of a Slip or Fall
  • Eliminates Plowing Costs
  • Saves You Time